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Costa Rican Rain
Costa Rican Rain
Watercolor on Paper


July 9, 2007
I decided to paint by the pool again today. After I had completed the drawing on the new canvas, I began mixing colors in preparation to paint. In Costa Rica the weather will change from sunny to a complete downpour in a matter of a few seconds, and soon after I had begun mixing paint, it did just that. I felt a few drops, and was hoping it might be a quick passing shower, but it did indeed start to pour rain in heavy sheets within seconds.

Ordinarily I might have been disappointed, as oil paint and water do not mix, but I had to laugh as I made a mad dash to my casita with my easel, canvas and freshly mixed colors in hand. In fact, I’m still smiling.

This small watercolor painting was completed yesterday during the rains. The silvery gray skies are so beautiful again the green rainforest. The colors remind me of where I grew up in the Pacific Northwest.

"Blues and greens bleed into a silver gray sky;
Disrupted palette,
This summer rain." -Gwen Bindas