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La Cienega Design Quarter
La Cienega Design Quarter
Oil on canvas
22 x 21 inches


The La Cienega Design Quarter is a district in Los Angeles that caters to the interior design industry.  Verdant courtyards lead to shops filled with antiques, fabrics, furniture and decorative arts, sprinkled with glamorous restaurants.  I work at a furniture gallery in the district, and was asked to create an image to be published in the La Cienega Design Quarter brochure, which lists all the participating businesses with their contact information.

When looking for ideas for the painting, I stayed off the main boulevard and instead went to Melrose Place, a small street that used to house antiques galleries, but now is mostly comprised of fashion boutiques.  Smaller in scale, and with some fabulous architecture, this was the perfect place in the La Cienega Design Quarter to go for inspiration, and the imagery in the painting is based on images from Melrose Place.
This was a complex painting that went through multiple stages, with shapes being erased, moved, and solidified.  It was a rewarding experience, and I hope that I did capture some of the romance of LA.