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The View From Jackie's Casita
The View From Jackie's Casita
Oil on Canvas
14 x 19 inches

July 23, 2007
Jackie is a talented writer that lived in the casita next to me and was my neighbor here at the colony. She had to leave a few days ago due to some prior commitments and is already missed as we quickly became friends.

Yesterday afternoon I sat on the step of her casita and began this painting, but had to complete it this morning due to an awesome thunderstorm. The afternoon storms that roll in are amazing, and if you are caught in one it is not something you are likely to forget. While painting this image, the clouds were rolling in, and I knew it was about to downpour, so I tried to capture some of the drama of the swirling clouds overhead. The clouds really do roll in, and the weather can change from completely sunny to pouring rain and thunder in a matter of minutes. I barely had time to grab my supplies before the rains came, but luckily my casita was right next door.

This view is looking at my casita, with the green building in the background housing two painting studios on the top floor and two studios for writers on the lower level.

"Empty steps
Under a sudden swirl of darkened sky,
Where memory has made another pathway
To the heart." -Gwen Bindas