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Morning Rain
Morning Rain
Watercolor on Paper


July 5, 2007
I woke up this morning to a windstorm that eventually turned into rain. It is the rainy season in Costa Rica, which means it usually will rain at least for an hour or so every day. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, where I became accustomed to the rain, and I grew to love it. Unlike the Pacific Northwest, after it rains in Costa Rica, the skies clear and it is sunny and warm.

I wanted to paint the rain this morning, so I thought it would be appropriate to do a watercolor painting. While I am more comfortable with oils, I had a lot of fun with this small painting. The view is from my "casita," or little house, and looks at my neighbor's casita and the rainforest beyond.

"A face turned upward
To the morning sky,
Blessed with the holy water
Of a summer windstorm:

The rainforest baptized,
The rainforest reborn." -Gwen Bindas