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The Rainforest Desaturated
The Rainforest Desaturated
Oil on Canvas
13 x 13 inches

July 23, 2007
The rainforest is full of bright colors and endless shades of green. This small painting represents the view of one of my casita’s windows, a view I am very familiar with now, and was painted from life. The tree on the left is a type of conifer, while the tree on the right is bamboo. The green forest covered hills are in the background.

The colors are somewhat accurate, only desaturated. I enjoy this style of painting, breaking down reality into shapes and colors, and when painting in this style, the color relationships become extremely important.

"Conifer and bamboo,
Drained, silenced,
Reduced to their essence:

The imprint of some other love." -Gwen Bindas